How Can Virtual Reality Help Your Business?

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Showing off your amazing products, services or equipment to potential customers will boost your sales. What if your product is too large or heavy to bring to a trade show, and shipping it is cost-prohibitive?

Showcasing your new manufacturing process and walking potential customers along your 300 foot assembly line could be extremely impactful. What if getting the customers to your location is challenging and taking them out on the floor is costly or dangerous?

You need to train employees in dangerous working environments providing realistic training scenarios. What if placing trainees in the real environment for training is too risky and too expensive?

What if you want to pre-sell a high-end property that hasn’t been developed yet? You need to find a way to let potential customers experience the final concept before it even exists.

Virtually Reality is a game-changer in each of these scenarios and there are probably more opportunities that have yet to be imagined. By creating virtual environments we can help you:

  • Capture within a headset an authentic experience with equipment and facilities of immense size.
  • Put your product in your customer’s hands, or put your customer in the environment you are selling.
  • Walk an employee through a realistic training exercise within a program that’s repeatable and cost-efficient.

Virtual Reality is a powerful, high impact tool. It creates experiences that would otherwise be impossible or cost prohibitive.

What environment can we help you create virtually? Contact us to explore the possibilities.


We recently took our VR headsets and various VR environments to a trade show in Orlando, FL.

We knew people would be interested in VR, but even we were surprised by the non-stop line of people wanting to try out this technology of the future.

A Prototype staff member instructs a trade show attending in entering a VR environment.

It looks like she’s in a hotel conference room, but actually she’s in a whole different world.

A Prototype staff member instructs a trade show attendee in entering a VR environment.

Here’s an example of one of our virtual environments. We created this for a client for training exercises.

A VR training environment in an industrial setting

Another example of one of our virtual environments. We created this one for use by the client’s sales team.

Virtual Reality environment in a manufacturing setting.