Customer feedback is important to your brand

We recently went through a very challenging, humbling and valuable exercise: We sat down with a few of our beloved clients and had a conversation. We sat down with them and pried into their experiences with us. We covered the challenges we helped them overcome, how they prefer to communicate with us, what value we brought to them in 2016 and so on. In some cases, we totally anticipated what the responses would be. In others, there were some surprises.

What made this exercise so valuable is that it helped us to further hone our buyer persona and it helped educate us on how to better serve our customers in 2017.

Here are a few questions to ask your customers, if you want to receive your own feedback:

  • What problem, challenge or need did you have when we first began working together?
  • Were we able to offer a solution?
  • How are we at communication? Do we communicate too much? Not enough?
  • Did you feel like we brought value to you in 2016? Did we help you learn something new this year?
  • What are some characteristics about our team that stood out to you? What are some that may need improving?