Why Buyer Personas are crucial for your marketing plan

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If you’ve ever partnered with us, you’ve probably heard the term “buyer persona”…a lot. The truth is, we love them. Buyer personas aren’t just a clever marketing term; they’re used to give a comprehensive snapshot of who a target customer (or existing customer) is.

So, why does that matter?

Imagine going to a bookstore searching for a cookbook. You walk over to the cookbook section and realize there are no differentiating covers on the books—they all look the same. So, you pick one up thinking that it must contain exactly what you’re looking for and you make a purchase. Then, you get home and you realize that the recipes are all expert level and all contain bacon as the star ingredient. The only problem? You’re a novice in the kitchen. And a vegan.

In the simplest terms, buyer personas make sure you don’t give expert bacon recipes to novice vegans. They put a cover and a face to your customer so you know exactly what they need and exactly how to deliver it to them.

Have you ever developed a buyer persona? We’ve developed a buyer persona template to help! Click here!